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Are you experiencing Zoom burnout? 🧟 Missing those hallway conversations with your work mates? 👋 Craving that social connection from team lunches? 🥪

Try our pilot game at your next meeting!

Want to build a wellness routine but find it hard to sit still and meditate? 🧘 Getting bored in your exercise routines? 🥱

Try our pilot game in your next work break!

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"We dream of cultivating workplaces where wellness is embedded in our work cultures."

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Engage in some fun piffle-paffle with your voice assistant!

"The Onsite Interview"

You've made it to the final round of interviewing for your dream job, today's your on-site! Yeet! Can you make it through the day with flying colors and land that job?

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"Social Dance"

You are dropped right in the middle of a series of awkward situations. Will you play it cool or dig yourself into a hole? Test your social dancing skills!

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You find yourself amongst Silicon Valley's greatest minds with the Millennial Dream - to be the next big startup in the Valley. Will your company thrive in the market and be the next rocket ship before your investments run out?

Coming soon
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Advisor, Voiceflow
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Founder and CEO
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Voice Actor
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Advisor, Mercedes-Benz
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Advisor, Ubisoft

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